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Apply for Health Care Coverage in Alberta

To get your health care card and be covered for insured health services in Alberta, you must be registered with the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP).

  • Coverage begins once your application has been approved and you are registered.
  • Your personal health care card is mailed to you. You may also laminate your card for protection.

Non-eligible residents include:

  • members of the Canadian Armed Forces
  • federal penitentiary inmates
  • refugee claimants
  • refused or failed refugee claimants
  • people with expired immigration documents

Replace Your AHCIP Card

If you have lost or damaged your Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) personal health care card, get a replacement card.

1. Complete the form

2. Bring the completed form into a registry office or mail to the AHCIP office.

Replacement cards are mailed to you from the AHCIP office.

Note, There is no option for online application. 

Fill in and download the form – AHCIP Notice of Change – UPDATE

Bring the completed form into our registry office or mail to the AHCIP office.

Visit in person

Bring your completed form to our office. We will also have paper forms you can fill out.

Update AHCIP

It is important to keep your Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) information up-to-date. Make sure to report a change of address, change in relationship status, new dependents, and if a member of your family dies outside Alberta.

Students, including those leaving Alberta to study or coming into Alberta to study, need to know what health coverage they have or need while away from home.

If you move out of Alberta, let us know so we can update or cancel AHCIP coverage.

If you are 65 years or older, you receive additional coverage for prescriptions and other health-related services not covered by AHCIP. Learn more about seniors health benefit.

Update your Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) information to:

  • change your mailing address
  • change your name
  • change your marital or relationship status
  • have a new child or dependant
  • remove a dependant who longer qualifies to be on your account
  • report a death

Other Services

The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) provides eligible Alberta residents with full coverage for medically necessary physician services, and some dental and oral surgical health services.

Your AHCIP coverage can be used across Canada, but there are limits. Not all services available to you in Alberta are covered outside the province.

Always carry your health care card and have additional travel or medical insurance when you leave Alberta. You may laminate your card to protect it.


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Update Name, Address, Date of Birth, Gender, Canadian status , Renewal

Replace Lost or Damaged Healthcare Card

Use only for your Canadian child if you are the child’s parent, you have established residency in Alberta, and you, the parent, are not eligible for AHCIP coverage.

Add family member/s to your AHCIP account

Remove family member/s from your AHCIP account